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About Cookies

A cookie is a small text based datafile that a web server can ask to save on the website visitor's computer. Since the cookies generally are sent back to the website with each request it is possible for the server to keep track of visitor preferences or identity (as far as it is  known).

The cookies may contain information in plain text (eg preferences: language = en), but often is the content in the cookie encrypted, so that the user can not know what information it contains. Often, the cookie  contains a key to a  database record on the server, wherein the user has no control over how much information is stored about him or her.

Within the cookies a certain time can be set after which the cookies no longer are used. The cookies are saved (depending on your browser settings) on your computer's hard drive, to be returned also later on. Otherwise, the cookies are stored only in the computer's primary memory and are valid until the browser is turned off. The later type of cookies are ofen called session cookies since they are used for a single session, not for storing information about a client between the sessions.

The new law on electronic communications was effective from 25 July 2003, which means that everyone who visits a website must be informed about the use of cookies and given the opportunity to refuse such use.

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