Our employees

Our employees are our most important asset.  With their abilities in innovation, teamwork, entrepreneural spirit and quick decision-making, we have created a diverse company characterized by equality and responsibility.

Today Bactiguard employs around 70 people,  including our headquarters in Sweden, the production facility in Malaysia and in our markets. Our employees have a broad range of background and experience within science, production, marketing and sales.  Several of our employees come from different countries and more than half of the company's employees are women. Women hold 40 percent of all managerial positions.

All employees go through a comprehensive company training program. The program includes a general introduction to the company's operations and work processes, rules and regulations, quality assurance system and security related issues. 

Our core values

Everything we do in our daily operations is based on our core values: long-term partnership, trust and responsibility, creativity, responsiveness and resourcefulness, embraced by empathy, respect and communication.