Bactiguard's primary mission is to prevent health care associated infections, which is a serious problem and constitute a threat against global public health. We contribute to increasing safety and quality of life for patients.

Our technology reduces the need for antibiotics by preventing the infection before it occurs. If there is no infection, no treatment is required. We simultaneously contribute to combatting the spread of multi-resistant bacteria, which is a consequence of too frequent usage of antibiotics and may result in a situation where it is no longer possible to treat certain bacterias.  At the same time the number of patient days can be reduced considerably, which lowers costs and releases resources for the healthcare.   Most importantly, our infection protection solution can save thousands of lives. 


The company's operations are defined and certified in accordance with the ISO standard 13485. Both the management and employees adhere to well-defined standard processes, referred to as ‘Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)’ and comply with concluded standard agreements. The processes which are impacted include production, case handling and continuous improvements of operations.

There is also a structured programme, the Clinical Implementation Program (BIP CIP), which aims to ensure that the products are used in the best possible manner.  The programme is based on close collaboration between Bactiguard and healthcare providers and includes, among other things, hygiene procedures, guidelines for staff training and information for patients in order to optimise the benefit of Bactiguard's products.  


Bactiguard's noble metal coating consists of gold, silver and palladium. The coating is very thin and does not affect the product's other properties such as thickness, appearance and stiffness. Neither is any special waste management required for Bactiguard's products, which are treated in the same manner as standard catheters in accordance with applicable hospital procedures for catheters and endotracheal tubes. This means that the products are handled as other medical waste, which is later burned and thereafter handled in accordance with customary procedures at the waste station. The noble metals in the Bactiguard coating are not destroyed during combustion at the waste stage. On the contrary, the metals are captured in the filters during purification of the flue gases at the combustion plant. The metals end up in the fly ash from the combustion, which  are taken care of and finally deposited in a closed system in accordance with the rules which apply for this type of waste and are not discharged in surface water.


The coating process during production at Bactiguard is water-based and does not use organic solvents. A very small amount of noble metals is used in the coating process. The equivalent of a wedding ring (approximately 10 g) of metal is used to coat approximately 400,000 catheters.  All residual products from the production are taken care of for recycling or destruction in accordance with provisions of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.


Bactiguard is a reliable partner that inspires confidence and delivers high quality and safe products to its customers. In order to ensure that we consistently act in a homogeneous manner there is a code of conduct which all employees, distributors, suppliers and collaboration partners are expected to comply with.
The code of conduct includes guidelines on how the company should manage the daily work of the operations in an ethical, social, environmental and in a generally sustainable manner. The code of conduct is based on the company's core values of long term partnership, confidence and responsibility, creativity, quick response as well as resource efficiency, which are characterised by empathy, respect and communication.



The company's products have a large impact on people’s lives and health.  Therefore clinical studies are continuously conducted both in Sweden and internationally together with doctors, nurses and other relevant health care personnel. The studies should comply with international and local laws and ordinances as well as ethical principles. All studies are approved by Bactiguard's management, ethical committees at the hospitals, and relevant agencies. At the same time, collaboration partners are carefully chosen among researchers and contract research companies, such as Clinical Research Organisation and patients who we think can benefit from our technology.

All studies are performed in accordance with generally accepted clinical practice, in accordance with Bactiguard's quality system and formulated Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Results from studies are documented and evaluated. Routine safety controls of the company's products in all markets are also performed in accordance with prevailing laws and procedures.


Bactiguard assumes its corporate social responsibility by, among other things, investing in local production. A collaboration agreement has been concluded with Samhall, which entails that Samhall's employees are responsible for manufacturing the company's highly technical products at the head office in Stockholm. Samhall is a state company which has been commissioned to create job opportunities for people with functional impairments, which is being conducted in collaboration with the Swedish Employment Agency "Arbetsförmedlingen". With approximately 20,000 employees, Samhall is Sweden's largest employer. By contributing to the development of people with functional impairments, Samhall seeks to end isolation, strengthen self-confidence among employees and contribute to greater diversity in working life.   Samhall is also a member of the international collaboration organisation Workability International, which aims to ensure that the skills of people with functional impairments are utilised in the best possible manner. 



For several years the company has been a proud team sponsor of the tennis academy Good to Great and has its own team, Team Bactiguard. By supporting elite youths in the age group 16 – 23 years, the company wants to contribute to strengthening the development of future tennis talent in Sweden. The aim is to develop players to become a part of the top ten global players. In this manner Bactiguard seeks to contribute to the development of tennis players at a global level, while we aim to inspire other youths to invest in health and sports. Read more about Good to Great.