Stories from reality

Here we have collected some personal stories from patients, relatives, scientist and healthcare professionals sharing their experience of using Bactiguard's products

“I was completely euphoric when I realised that there is a solution which could reduce the number of infections and that this could be a good option for my husband,” says Hagar.

Hagar Söderlund, Relative

"Things have never been as easy as they are now. I have not had any infections, I no longer need to take any antibiotics and have regained my lust for life,” says Elisabeth using Bactiguard Foley catheter.

Elisabeth Andersson, Patient

"The quality of my Life has really improved"


Vincenzo Carta, Patient

 "It was such a relief when Sven got the Bactiguard catheter! Now we can socialize again, and the grandchildren want to visit us again too!" says Ingrid

Ingrid Svensson, Relative

-I can’t recall the last time I had a urinary tract infection. Now I can focus on the fun things – like the house, the summer cottage and the garden! Nothing can make me go back to the old kind of catheters.” says Fredrik, patient using Bactiguard’s BIP Foley Catheter Silicone

Fredrik , Patient