Unlimited application opportunities

The Bactiguard technology consists of noble metals and can be applied to almost any surface and material commonly used for medical devices. The clinical evidence is strong, showing that the coating reduces the number of healthcare associated infections in a effective and tissue friendly manner, by preventing bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation.

The coating is applied to the surface of medical devices by a patented wet chemical process that ensures uniformity and firm bonding to the surface of the medical devices regardless of the type of product. This means that the product's properties such as shape and size are not affected. The noble metal coating is very thin and therefore difficult to detect with the naked eye.      

The coating process is adjustable and can be scaled up. This means that the coating can be applied to many different types of material, making it possible to increase the application areas to include more products and materials. 

There are no special packaging requirements for Bactiguard's products, which are sterilized accoding to standardized methods. There are also no requirements to implement specific routines before using Bactiguard coated products, which often is the case with other infection prevention products.


Bactiguard has a long-standing and successful license agreement with C.R. Bard (Bard), a global manufacturer and supplier of medical devices. Bactiguard's technology has been applied to Bard's Foley catheters since 1995. And since then, more than 150 million Bactiguard coated catheters have been used, mainly in the US and Japan, but also in Great Britain and Ireland.  The coating is used on both latex and silicone Foley catheters, so called indwelling urinary catheters. The collaboration with Bard was initiated already during 1990, the year after the first patent application was submitted in the US. This collaboration has been highly successful so far, both for Bactiguard and Bard. 

In 2015, Bactiguard also signed a new licence agreement with Vigilenz Medical Devices (Vigilenz), a Malaysian manufacturer and supplier of medical and surgical devices.  The agreement covers the Asean region and means that orthopaedic implants will be coated with Bactiguard's infection protection and tissue friendly coating. The coating contributes to preventing healthcare associated infections and reducing the suffering for patients who are often traumatized by accidents.  


Bactiguard's coating can be used in a number of different application areas, for example different types of implants and protheses, where there is a great need of preventing infections. Implants for bones and teeth also comprise an area in which Bactiguard's preventive coating can make a huge difference in reducing patients' suffering and costs of healthcare.  For several of these areas there are already laboratory and animal studies which show very good results in preventing infections, developed in the company's different research collaborations.