Partners and sponsoring

Research collaboration

Bactiguard collaborates with academia, healthcare providers, organisations and companies to promote the development of new products which will help reduce the number of healthcare associated infections. At the same time, collaboration provides to partial funding of some research and product development activities. It also provides opportunities to exchange experiences and promote Bactiguard’s technology. Bactiguard belongs to several scientific networks which have received funding from EU and Swedish institutions.

Partners and sponsoring
World Sepsis Day

Every year on 13 September, World Sepsis Day is organised in over 90 countries, and Bactiguard is one of the official main sponsors. The non-profit organisation Global Sepsis Alliance is behind this initiative. The organisation’s aim is to increase awareness of sepsis all over the world and to reduce the number of deaths by 20% by 2020.

Sepsisfonden (“Swedish Sepsis Trust”)

Bactiguard supports Sepsisfonden, which raises and allocates funding to various research projects as a means to improve sepsis diagnostics and treatment. Another important aim is to increase awareness and knowledge about sepsis among the general public, decision makers and healthcare institutions.

Samhall - a valuable partner

Bactiguard has a cooperation agreement with Samhall, whereby Samhall’s employees manufacture Bactiguard’s high-tech products at the facility in Stockholm. Samhall is a state-owned company whose core assignment is to create job opportunities for people with different disabilities and to break the exclusion, strengthen their self-esteem and contribute to increased diversity in working life.

Partners and sponsoring
Team Bactiguard - Good to Great Tennis Academy

Bactiguard values good health by preventing infections and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Since 2012, Bactiguard has sponsored Team Bactiguard through the Good to Great Tennis Academy, which was founded by former elite players Magnus Norman, Nicklas Kulti and Mikael Tillström. The opportunity to support some of the world's best tennis players from an early age while inspiring other young people to focus on health and sport is Bactiguard's goal for this unique venture on Swedish tennis.

Bactiguard supports its own team of promising young players and Team Bactiguard, currently consists of: Måns Dahlberg, Isac Strömberg, Arslan Temirhanov, Tsegai Gebremeskel and Henrik Bladelius. Team Bactiguard enables the players to practise tennis full time in parallel with their studies, and to play and compete in a world-class environment both in Sweden and internationally.

Sweden’s highest ranked tennis players, the promising Ymer brothers Elias and Mikael, were both part of the very first Team Bactiguard, which strongly has contributed to their success.