Focus on the entire value chain

Bactiguard's business concept is to prevent healthcare associated infections and antibiotic resistance, one of the greatest challenges of our time. This is our primary contribution to a sustainable future.

Bactiguard aims to be a reliable, long term partner which inspires confidence and delivers high-quality and safe products. The purpose of our sustainability work is primarily to contribute to a positive development by preventing infections and limiting the spread of multi-resistant bacteria - while minimizing the business burden on society and increasing the value for patients, customers and shareholders.

Focus on the entire value chain

Our code of conduct comprises the entire value chain, including our internal work and cooperation with external partners and includes guidelines for how our employees are to conduct day-to-day operations in a manner that is ethically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Together with compliance to laws and regulations, we ensure that the company behaves in a responsible manner towards patients, employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders. 


Assuring patient benefit, including safety and quality aspects, is an integral part of our product development and product supply processes. Our quality management system and its processes comprise all the phases of the products’ life cycles and also supports ongoing improvements of our products and business. Bactiguard’s quality management system is certified in accordance with the standard for medical devices, ISO 13485.  


Within the framework of our overall sustainability work, we involve secure management and handling of chemicals and waste within product development and production. Bactiguard aims to continue reducing the impact that our operations and products have on the environment by increasing efficiency, reducing consumption of materials and improving waste management.

Bactiguard’s coating contains very small amounts of noble metals and requires no special procedures for disposal. The metals in the coating are not destroyed during waste incineration but are collected in the combustion plant’s filters.

The company encourages meetings to be conducted with tele or web conferencing to reduce the amount of business travel. Bactiguard’s environmental management system is based on ISO 14001 to ensure that the company adheres to existing environmental laws and requirements and that satisfactory performance reviews are performed.