Thanks to Bactiguard, life with a catheter is easier to manage

There are days which change the direction one’s life takes. A summer day in Spain when Fredrik swam straight into a sandbar and suffered a spinal cord injury is one of those days. Another change in direction came when Fredrik’s district nurse, Lotta, asked him if he wanted to try a BIP Foley Catheter Silicone.

After a few weeks of intensive care treatment, air transport and half a year’s rehabilitation at a spinal cord center he got home to his wife, kids and house in Skåne. For the last 20 years Fredrik has lived with the aftereffects of the accident.

”People who see a person in a wheelchair think “Poor guy – he can’t walk”. But walking comes farther down the list of things that I would like to be able to do. There are so many other things that come with a spinal cord injury”, says Fredrik.

To have control of your stomach, to have full lung capacity and trouble free urination are higher up on my list of priorities. The last part has almost been achieved.

”I got a catheter directly after my accident and at first it was intermittent. But the emptying part did not work well at all and pretty soon I had an indwelling catheter”, says Fredrik.

The urinary tract infections started almost immediately and were a constant bother. Fredrik quickly learned to recognize the symptoms.

”It is like a feeling of malaise in your body. Since the spinal cord injury affects the nervous system your blood pressure goes up easily, you get a headache and start perspiring. It also hurts. As a person with a spinal cord injury I can tell you that the pain isn’t only local but can also be felt for example as a rash on your skin.”

Almost as bad as the infection was the worry of when the next one would come. Every morning Fredrik checked. How was he feeling? Was there something on the way? Would he be able to do the things he and his family had planned? Fredrik had tried most types of catheters; latex, silicone and silver-coated. Through the years he has also tried almost all types of antibiotics on the market – a fact which worries him.

”If you have gone through everything on the market there won’t be anything left that works in the end. Not having to take antibiotics all the time is almost the best thing about finding a catheter that works”, Fredrik says.

When Fredrik’s district nurse made Fredrik try the 
Bactiguard catheter a few years back it had an immediate effect.

”In previous years I had infections all the time, at least once per month. Last year I had a total of three during the whole year.”

Fewer infections mean Fredrik does not have to change his catheter as frequently, which was always a painful experience.

”My life is peaceful; I have better control and can focus my energy on other things. Thanks to Bactiguard, life with a catheter is easier to manage”, says Fredrik. 

*Fredrik is a fictional name