Ingrid Svensson

Now we can socialize again!

Ingrid is a sociable woman with a lot of things going on. She has made a great effort since her partner Sven suffered a stroke her partner had to use an adult diaper. Five years ago, when he instead received an indwelling catheter, she hoped life would get easier. It didn’t. Sven contracted the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa after a while, which colors the urine purple and spreads a strong, characteristic odor in the room. He became an “odor patient”.  

”The smell was horrible. I couldn’t stand that smell and neither could the grandchildren. They told their parents that the smell was horrible at grandma’s and Sven” says Ingrid.

Ingrid stopped inviting friends over. It could perhaps have been possible the first day after the catheter was flushed clean. She avoided taking Sven out to town even though he loved going out to eat. Sven himself was not aware of the odor, it was only the people around him. Ingrid suffered.

“The last few years have been difficult. I was close to leaving him and moving away because of the odor.”

When Ingrid now sits in the urologist’s office in Oskarshamn and talks to the urolgy nurse,  Anna Johansson, the situation is different.

“Sven still has a catheter – but it doesn’t smell at all now!” Ingrid says. 

It was one of Anna’s colleagues who, during a conversation, suggested that the patient should try a BIP Foley Catheter. Anna discussed it with the doctor who immediately made the decision to prescribe Sven the Bactiguard catheters instead of the traditional ones. The catheter Sven had before changing to Bactiguard’s started smelling after just a few days. Even after it was flushed clean the odor returned after just a few days. With Bactiguard, he was odor free for a month and therefore it was prescribed that the catheter should be changed at one month intervals. 

“For the doctor it was obvious that the patient’s relatives should not have to live with the kind of odor problems that they had” says urology nurse Anna Johansson. 

However, both she and Ingrid perceive that there is a lack of knowledge in the municipality regarding the huge difference the infection prevention catheters can do to increase the life quality for patients and relatives

“But I’m not giving up now that I know that we can avoid the odor” says Ingrid and hopes that her story can help others when they find out that here is a way to overcome the odor problem.

*Ingrid and Sven are fictional names