Elisabeth Anderson

Things have never been as easy as now

The first thing I notice about Elisabeth when I see her is her tremendous lust for life. It radiates from every pore of this woman with short grey hair in her 60s. Her life changed dramatically on a January day 21 years ago when Elisabeth suffered a cerebral haemorrhage that left her in a wheelchair. Before then, she had been a nurse who lived an ordinary life with her husband and children.

- It is just as well you don't know what can happen to you when you are young. I have discovered many things as a patient that I never knew when I worked in healthcare, says Elisabeth.

Being confined to a wheelchair meant Elisabeth needed a urinary catheter. This led to repeated urinary tract infections and constant rounds of antibiotics.

- Every time I got a new catheter, I fell ill within the space of a week. The chronic urinary tract infections made me feel ill and generally down, she says with a sigh.

Taking so many antibiotics resulted in Elisabeth developing antimicrobial resistance, which is when bacteria no longer respond to treatment. This meant that the countless urinary tract infections could no longer be treated with medication. Around two years ago, Elisabeth's urologist at the Central Hospital in Karlstad told her about Bactiguard’s urinary catheters.

- It was the unique catheter solution that prevents the occurrence of bacterial infections and reduces the need for antibiotics that caught my attention. Especially for a patient like Elisabeth who has had so many infections, there is everything to gain, says her urologist.

The results exceeded all expectations for Elisabeth. She has not had any urinary tract infections for the past two years.

-Things have never been as easy as they are now. I have not had any infections, I no longer need to take any antibiotics and have regained my lust for life, says a smiling Elisabeth.

Her urologist sees other advantages to the catheter in addition to preventing infections, such as it is easy to insert and remove thanks to its hydrogel coating. Colleagues also expressed great interest when they heard about the positive effects the change of catheter has had for Elisabeth, and other patients who often suffer infections are also now trying the Bactiguard catheter.

Elisabeth feels that everyone should be offered a Bactiguard catheter from the very start to avoid such problems as a matter of course, and stresses that the healthcare sector should give greater consideration to patient well-being when deciding which catheter to procure.

- If it is as good for others as it has proved to be for me, more patients should be offered the opportunity to use the catheter to avoid pain and discomfort. This would be a win/win situation, both for patients who would avoid unnecessary suffering and the healthcare sector that can reduce its costs for difficult to treat, chronic infections, she reasons. 

“Elisabeth” is a fictitious name