Hagar Söderlund


A severe infection and several subsequent treatments with large amounts of antibiotics resulted in Hagar Söderlund’s husband Lennart suffering from scar formation and urinating difficulties.

Eventually the only option was to insert a suprapubic catheter, which is an indwelling catheter which is placed inside the bladder through a hole in the abdominal wall. Almost immediately after the first catheter was inserted, Lennart got a urinary tract infection. And then it continued month after month with several antibiotic courses.

The first time Hagar heard about Bactiguard’s unique solution was when she read an article in the Swedish newspaper "Dagens Nyheter". Almost one year had passed then since her husband got his first catheter. For seven months Lennart was treated with seven antibiotic courses. He suffered from several fatal catheter blockages, which entailed visits to the casualty department during the night.

I was completely euphoric when I realised that there is a solution which could reduce the number of infections and that this could be a good option for my husband, says Hagar.

Shortly thereafter Hagar mustered up the courage and called Bactiguard, who in turn contacted Lennart’s doctor at Karolinska University Hospital. One week later Lennart got his first Bactiguard coated urinary catheter.

Owing to the catheter Lennart almost completely became free of his urinary tract infections, catheter blockages and was happy that he no longer had to ‘nibble at those pills,’ as he put it. Replacement of the catheter became more comfortable. His overall condition improved, as well as his appetite, and he became his old self with a great sense of humour. Hagar and Lennart went on more walks together rather than visiting the hospital at night.

As a relative the replacement of catheter was great for me. I could finally sleep at night as my husband no longer suffered from constant infections, his pain disappeared and I no longer had to dread the next catheter blockage, says Hagar.